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Say I have a string like this in java:

"this is {my string: } ok"

Note, there can be any number of white spaces in between the various characters. How do I check the above string to see if it contains just the substring:

"{my string: }"

Many thanks!

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the spaces are a red herring - they are treated just like any other character and make no difference to any normal substring search function –  Alnitak Sep 28 '12 at 16:19

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The easiest thing to do is to strip all the spaces from both strings.

return stringToSearch.replaceAll("\s", "").contains(
  stringToFind.replaceAll("\s", ""));
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Put it all into a string variable, say s, then do s.contains("{my string: }); this will return true if {my string: } is in s.

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If you are looking to see if a String contains another specific sequence of characters then you could do something like this :

String stringToTest = "blah blah blah";

    return true;

You could also use matches. For a decent explanation on matching Strings I would advise you check out the Java Oracle tutorials for Regular Expressions at :




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For this purpose you need to use String#contains(CharSequence).

Note, there can be any number of white spaces in between the various characters.

For this purpose String#trim() method is used to returns a copy of the string, with leading and trailing whitespace omitted.

For e.g.:

String myStr = "this is {my string: } ok";
if (myStr.trim().contains("{my string: }")) {
    //Do something.
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If you have any number of white space between each character of your matching string, I think you are better off removing all white spaces from the string you are trying to match before the search. I.e. :

String searchedString = "this is {my string: } ok";
String stringToMatch = "{my string: }";
boolean foundMatch = searchedString.replaceAll(" ", "").contains(stringToMatch.replaceAll(" ",""));
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Look for the regex


This matches any sequence that contains

  1. A left brace
  2. Zero or more spaces
  3. 'my'
  4. One or more spaces
  5. 'string:'
  6. Zero or more spaces
  7. A right brace

Where 'space' here means any whitespace (tab, space, newline, cr)

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