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I need to set a custom header in Kamailio 3.3.1 from a Lua script. I can theoretically set one in the config script like this -

append_hf("X-MyHeader: myvalue\r\n");

but I cannot work out how to call it from a Lua script, which is my preferred place to do this from. I have the following in my CFG file -

modparam("app_lua", "load", "/usr/local/etc/kamailio/lua/kamailio.lua")
modparam("app_lua", "register", "sl")
modparam("app_lua", "register", "rr")
modparam("app_lua", "register", "tm")

and my Lua script works fine as far as it goes. Documentation seems to suggest that append_hf() is part of the textops module, but I can see no way to expose that to the Lua script.

Please can anyone help me understand this or maybe suggest an alternative way to achieve my goal?

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Done it.

You need to use -

sr.hdr.append("header: value\r\n");

I've spent 2 days looking for that. And 5 mins after posting I find it. Here's the URL where i got the answer from -


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