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I'm having trouble with Tiny MCE 3.2.5. Im using Drupal 6.1.13 and for someone reason when i come to use TinyWYISYG editor, and alter the text to different fonts it always displays it in BB code. I've tried just using HTML source code, but I still get the same problem. Tried unchecking the boxes on the profile settings so that it doesnt alter any html code that i input.

Also at present using the button options cannot display media and pictures I want to upload. It always puts them in BB code as well.

Please help.


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This looks like a configuration problem rather than a programming one. Take a look at the support questions on the module homepage – Jeremy French Aug 12 '09 at 10:45
On a side note, you may wish to update Drupal to 6.19 and TinyMCE to 3.3 as they fix a lot of bugs etc – wiifm Nov 11 '10 at 0:29

Admin -> Site Configuration -> WYSIWYG -> Click 'Edit' on your input format -> Expand 'Buttons and Plugins' -> Uncheck BBCode -> Hit Save -> Rejoice.

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