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Is the right order of growth for the following functions: (From low to high) 4^log N, 2N, 3^100, log log N, 5N, N!, (log N)^2 This: 3^100 log log N 2N 5N (log N) ^2 4^log N N!

I figured this out just by using the chart given on wikipedia. Is there a way of verifying your answer? Thanks

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This sort of question probably works better on cstheory.stackexchange.com, as it's not about programming. –  Wooble Sep 28 '12 at 17:08

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3^100 = O(1)
log log N = O(log log N)
(log N)^2 = O((log N)^2)
N, 2N, 5N = O(N)
4^logN = O(e^logN)
N! = o(N!)

you made just one small mistake. this is the right order.

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