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I'm trying to do this: a small panel with 3 parts, one superior with some label (header), one inferior with some buttons (footer) and one in the center with a mx:Tree and this panel can be resizable (it is a plugin with minimal dimensions).

How I can expand the size of the mx:Tree to use the rest of the visible area of this panel? I can't use % in size, there is some way?

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if your header and footer lengths are fixed, you can bind the height of the Tree to the height of the panel:

<s:Panel id="upPanel"
    width="220" height="100"
    <mx:Tree width="{upPanel.width - 1}" height="{upPanel.height - 70}">
        <mx:XMLListCollection id="MailBox">
        <s:Button label="ControlBar Button"/>

Otherwise, you'll need to re-calculate the height of the top and bottom elements and set the size of the Tree.

Here's a demo i put online, view source is enabled.

(my demo it's based on this)

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