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Would it be possible to leverage a design based on modular components running on application server with Go platform? Is there a limitation that makes this design impossible with Go?

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There are yet many web servers written in Go. About the modularity, maybe you'll find some answers here. –  dystroy Sep 28 '12 at 17:25
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There is nothing similar to application server that are available in Java or .NET But there is google AppEngine that supports Go

There is no way to load/unload code in Go like in Java or .NET

You can't compile go as library that you will load with another Go App.

Anyway you can create Application server with Go. It will have multiple processes and load/unload code by starting/stopping processes.

Also it may compile code on server by embedding some server specific code in module. e.g. such extra code may implement AppServer Inter Process Communication.

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In my understanding one of the main features of Go is that it neither needs an application server, nor that code can be added/loaded at runtime. Go is compiled and (almost) statically linked and the executable is ready to run.

While all this module at runtime seems convenient it has massive drawbacks, especially increasing deployment and dependency complexity.

I doubt that the Go community would regard a module system as "leverage".

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