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I have been using MVC Editor & Display Templates for a while, but have come to realize that there seems to be very little official documentation on MVC Editor/Display Templates (Html.EditorFor() and Html.DisplayFor()). I found the basic MSDN documentation just showing the technical details (which on their own, are not very helpful), but I'm looking more for an official how-to, sort of like this example.

Are Editor/Display Templates more of an afterthought, and not really widely enough used to justify more in-depth official documentation?

Or, am I blind, and what I'm looking for exists, I just haven't found it yet?

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They are actually very well used by the default scaffolded view templates. – Andrew Barber Sep 28 '12 at 17:45

Official documentation? Don't know any off hand, but I know there are a ton of examples. In particular, I like Phil Haack's discussion on model binding to lists. It includes an example for an editor template in a pretty complicated example. There's source code there, too.

Since he's co-authored every MVC Wrox book, I consider him a pretty definitive source:

Here's another blog post (non-official) in a similar vein:

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best article that I have found for it is:

It explains how to create DisplayFor and EditorFor templates really well.

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ASP.NET MVC have a lot of materials on with different examples. EditorTemplates and DisplayTemplates is spetial folders for models (like here Quick Tips About ASP.NET MVC – Editor Templates) and you asking about html helpers, not templates.

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