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We are using Spring Data with the PageRequest and hitting a significantly large set of data. All queries perform optimally except the query being executed to get the total number of pages. Is there a way to disable this feature or would we most likely have to implement our own Pageable?



Edit: After further analysis I believe the only way around this problem is to not use Spring Data and use EntityManager as it allows setting of start row and number of records to return. We only need whether next page is available so we just retrieve one extra record. We also need a dynamic query which doesn't seem possible in Spring Data.

Edit 2: And it would seem I just didn't wait long enough for some responses. Thanks guys!!!

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The way to achieve this is simply by using List as return value. So for example for a repository defined like this:

interface CustomerRepository extends Repository<Customer, Long> {

  List<Customer> findByLastname(Stirng lastname, Pageable pageable);

The query execution engine would apply the offset and pagesize as handed in by the Pageable but not trigger the additional count query as we don't need to construct a Page instance. This also documented in the relevant sections of the reference documentation.

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Hello Oliver, is it possible to do the same using findAll() method? Something like List<T> findAll(Pageable pageable)? (so that it would be possible to generate something like: SELECT * FROM TABLE ORDER BY xxx LIMIT yyy)? I did not figure the way how to do it (and started a "flame war" with Ralph in this thread) :-) –  jirka.pinkas Jan 26 '14 at 7:07
What if I want to get them all in one page ? That is, ignoring pagination. Can I do something like new PageRequest(0, 0) ? –  Stephane Eybert Nov 4 '14 at 9:52
@StephaneEybert - if you want everything, just leave off the Pageable parameter from your method definition. Of course you need to be careful with this and giant datasets though. –  JBCP Mar 14 at 20:37
Like Jirka, I'd like to find a solution for the findAll case as well. I came up with following stupid workaround, but that don't feel quite right: github.com/mstahv/spring-data-vaadin-crud/commit/… –  mstahv 12 hours ago

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