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Here is the code I'm using to try to authenticate:

# MongoDB connection
connection = Connection(f.config['MONGODB_HOST'], f.config['MONGODB_PORT'])
db = connection['MONGODB_DB']

# Try authenticating. This will only work in production. In development,
# MONGODB_USER and MONGODB_PASSWORD will raise KeyErrors.
    db.authenticate(f.config['MONGODB_USER'], f.config['MONGODB_PASSWORD'])
except KeyError:
    f.logger.debug('KeyError: Not authenticating.')

# Temporary. This is just for testing purposes.
users = db.users 
user = users.find_one({'username': 'BrewerOnRails'})

My configuration is loaded from an object called ProductionConfig:

class Config(object):
    '''Default configuration object.'''
    DEBUG = False
    TESTING = False
    PORT = int(os.environ.get('PORT', 5000))

class ProductionConfig(Config):
    '''Configuration object specific to production environments.'''
    REDIS_URL = os.environ.get('REDISTOGO_URL')
    if REDIS_URL:
        url = urlparse.urlparse(REDIS_URL)
        REDIS_HOST = url.hostname
        REDIS_PORT = url.port
        REDIS_PASSWORD = url.password

    MONGOLAB_URI = os.environ.get('MONGOLAB_URI')
        url = urlparse.urlparse(MONGOLAB_URI)
        MONGODB_USER = url.username
        MONGODB_PASSWORD = url.password
        MONGODB_HOST = url.hostname
        MONGODB_PORT = url.port
        MONGODB_DB = url.path[1:]

Here is the error I keep getting:

pymongo.errors.OperationFailure: database error: unauthorized db:MONGODB_DB lock type:-1 client:

The OperationFailure exception is raised by PyMongo's _unpack_response function in the file, specifically lines 103 and 104.

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This looks wrong to me:

db = connection['MONGODB_DB']

Perhaps you want

db = connection[config['MONGODB_DB']]
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That's exactly what I needed actually! db = connection['MONGODB_DB'] should have been db = connection[f.config['MONGODB_DB']]. Thanks. :) – user1623083 Sep 29 '12 at 12:52

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