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When using "hasOwnProperty" to check for the existence of a style property, Firefox will return false while Chrome and IE are behaving the way I'd expect and will return true using their respective transform prefix. If, however, I use the "in" operator, it works just fine.

object = document.getElementById('myThing');
console.log('MozTransform') // False
console.log("MozTransform" in; // True

I was wondering if anyone could explain why hasOwnProperty is working so differently in Firefox.

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jquery doc's address this issue here This link here offers some suggestions for getting around the issue when trying to find elements based on .hasOwnProperty , but it seems you already have a good solution. – Scott Selby Sep 28 '12 at 18:09
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Per spec, properties like this are own properties of the prototype, not of the object itself. Hence the behavior you see in Firefox.

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