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I have database CarsDB, with Table Car in it. I whant to see the car table, but getting only System.Data.Objects.ObjectSet`1 instead of database table

public CarsBDEntities db = new CarsBDEntities();

    public ActionResult Index()
        ViewBag.Carlist = db.Cars.ToString();
        return View();

I have make a table, then created a model from it. Using entity frameworkd and ado.net.

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You don't want to use ToString; if you just return db.Cars instead, that will give you an IEnumerable that you can work with.

var cars = db.Cars;
return View(cars);

You can use this to make a Webgrid that will display your data. Razor view:

@model IEnumerable<Namespace.Models.Cars>

    var grid = new WebGrid(Model);

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It workssssssss ! –  user1665530 Sep 29 '12 at 14:35
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You're trying to convert an ObjectSet to a string, which is why your getting "System.Data.Objects.ObjectSet". You'll need to pull the data out of the table to view it. For instance, something like:

string firstCarMake = db.Cars.FirstOrDefault().Make.ToString();
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Compile error, there is no "Make" –  user1665530 Sep 29 '12 at 8:54
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