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So I have a table generated from database with while loop. Data is displayed in rows. Point is that there are "hidden" rows with data available only on click (like show details). Basicly I want something like this: - if you click on the table row more data appears below (in new row).

My code looks like this:

while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($r, MYSQLI_ASSOC)) {
    echo '
    <tr class="tablerow">
        <td>' . $row['id'] . '</td>
        <td><p class="state">' . $row['name'] . '</p></td>
        <td><p class="state">' . $row['surname'] . '</p></td>
        <td>' . $row['country'] . '</td>
        <td>' . $row['city'] . '</td>
        <td>' . $row['category'] . '</td>
    echo '
    <tr class="subtable" style="display:none;">';
        echo '<td colspan="3" class="detalji"></td>
        <td align="left" colspan="3" class="detalji"></td>
        </tr>';}} // End of WHILE loop.
echo '</table>';

My jQuery looks like this:

/* Table row click */


Point is that once clicked all subtables show, naturally I only want the one below the clicked table row..

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Try this

$(".tablerow").click(function() {
    // Hideing all the tr with class subtable rows initially
    // Find the next tr which has class subclass in current context

$(".subtable").click(function() {
    // Hide current row that has class subtable
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thx but it's not working. Click does nothing like jquery code is wrong, although looks pretty ok to me... – Oktarin Sep 28 '12 at 19:07
help would really be appreciated, thank you – Oktarin Sep 30 '12 at 11:33
@Oktarin.. You are welcome :) – Sushanth -- Oct 1 '12 at 3:14
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I have managed to solve it using code like this:



sushanth reddy has been very helpful, thank you! I am not exactly sure why this code works and Sushanth is not. There is probably a typo somewhere, but anyway Susanth provided with correct answer and therefore i will edit his reply with correct code.

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