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What is the difference between all three? They seem to do the exact same thing. Why and when would you choose to use one method over the other?

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AJAX and websockets do similar tasks — they both establish a communication channel to a server. Web workers have nothing to do with either of them, they are just separate threads of JS execution.

AJAX is more mature than websockets — it has been around much longer and has a much wider browser support. AJAX is request-oriented — you make a request to the server, the server responds, and the connection is closed. Websockets on the other hand establish a persistent connection to the server, over which you exchange multiple messages in both directions.

Webworkers are useful if you want to perform a processor intensive task without blocking the browser interface.

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Thank you, that clarifies a lot for me. – Miriam P. Raphael Sep 28 '12 at 18:48

They are not the same.

Ajax: It is a way of interacting with a web server asynchronously from a UI renderer

Web Sockets: An HTML5 feature using which you can interact with any Socket server extending the reach of the browser

Web Workers : Another HTML5 feature that helps you do multi-threaded programming from a web browser using Java Script

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They are not same. But one can use them together to build advanced application.

Ajax: As abbrevation States is asynchronous javascript and xml.. is used to load the content dynamically from the server upon called.

Websockets : Websockets is the feature defined in HTML5 . As wikipedia states "WebSocket is a protocol providing full-duplex communications channels over a single TCP connection." so this is mainly used for real time communication such as video call, live chat etc..

WebWorkers : this feature is also defined in HTML5. This is basically used to make bring multi threading feature in Javascript. Since javascript is a single threaded programming language , it breaks or pause whenever i.e heavy calculation tasks are done using it. to overcome this breakage , Webworkers are added to javascript.

You can perform Ajax and Websockets inside Webworkers . however you cannot manipulate DOM using webworkers due to security reasons.

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