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I have to implement software that listens for UDP packets and persists their contents to a database.

It would be handy if this could run in JBoss, as this is the infrastructure we are using now.

I have seen that Netty is ideally suited to program the listener part.

Is there a way to use Netty "embedded" in JBoss? I have searched up and down the Net and the examples I have found are all for standalone listener programs.

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Of course, but you have to clarify what you mean by ""embedded" in JBoss". If you are writing a standard EJB application, just put Netty bootstrap code in @PostConstruct of singleton session bean and destroy it in @PreDestroy.

If it's a web application, use any servlet's init() method (servlet must be created eagerly on startup).

Note that EJB spec does not allow creating custom threads and listening on arbitrary ports - Netty violates both of these requirements. But JBoss won't enforce this.

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¡Thank you very much Tomasz! I meant a standard EJB app, as my intention is to try message driven beans to persist data from these UDP packets. Indeed I am aware that one shouldn't be instantiating threads and was alread researching the Connector class of Tomcat. I guess there is a way to write an UDP listener, but don't know enough yet. If you have pointers to offer, I would be glad to Read The Fine Material that may be available. Already am devouring Netty's. –  user1704000 Sep 28 '12 at 22:56

Sounds like JCA might be the appropriate path.

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