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Given changesets A & B, is there a command to tell if B is a descendant of A?

Assume that B is a descendant of A, but there are many changesets in between. I'm just trying to get a yes/no answer about this relationship.

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I believe the answer should be:

    hg log -r "A:: and B"

Or in TortoiseHg (using version 2.8, the parentheses don't seem to be mandatory):

    (A:: and B)

To interpret the result, you should get the log for B if it is indeed a descendant, and nothing (no match) if it is not.

Sorry, but I could not simply comment on the original answer - lack of reputation.

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Answer: Use a revset

hg log -r "A and B::"

if you use tortosehg, then use the following in the search window. The parens are key

(A and B::)
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