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I was trying to learn the basics of scala and was dealing with set operation. I havent been able to find much data regarding the reading of scala set iteratively and creating new sets.

The basic task I am doing is to iterate over the contents of Set and select a few values that meets the conditions and make a new set out of them.

So the idea basically is like this

for all elements in Set
    if (condition) add element to set
    else discard element

Any help with the syntax for such a statement would be appreciated. Thanks.

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set.filter (condition) 

should return a new set of elements, satisfying the condition.

It's the same syntax as for

vector.filter (condition)
array.filter (condition)
map.filter (condition)
list.filter (condition)

and so on.

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Use filter method on Set for that. For example, if you have set: Set[Int] and you want to filter all even numbers, you'd do something like

set.filter(x => x % 2 == 0)
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