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I have following code for a silverlight app wit wcf ria service in a static method:

public static void mymethod(){
DomainContext context = new DomainContext();
var q = context.GetMyEntitiesQuery().Where(x => x.Name == name );
context.Load<MyEntity>(q, LoadBehavior.RefreshCurrent,
  (p) =>
  if (!p.HasError)

  }, null);

It is working fine. but every time when I call this method, the memory will be increased about 3M for browser process and it's never released.

How to release the memory for this case?

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You should as few instances of DomainContext as possible. Perhaps pass the context from the caller


or keep a static instance

public static class Thing
    DomainContext _Context = new DomainContext();

    public static void mymethod()
        var q = _context.GetMyEntitiesQuery().Where(x => x.Name == name );

Every instance you create is probably sticking around and creating that memory leak.

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I completely agree with Ed, also, consider that WCF Ria Services hevaily rely on the concept of "Context", while in your code you're using just like a plain wcf proxy –  mCasamento Sep 29 '12 at 9:43

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