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I run Julia on Windows with the julia.bat file given in the zip archive. I have a couple of basic questions. This launches a DOS console.

  • When typing a plot() command Julia returns plot not defined. How to use the plot() function ? Is there a graphical interface available ?

  • When typing help I get:

enter image description here

What does it mean ? This looks like internet adresses; if so, what are the complete adresses ?

  • There is also the launch-julia-webserver.bat file in the zip archive. When running this file two DOS windows open but nothing else happens. What can we do with this file and how ?

By the way I do not find any documentation answering such basic questions... of course if you know where to find such a documentation it would be an ideal answer.

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To answer your immediate question, help is implemented as a function, and functions must be called with parentheses. Try help(), or to get help for a particular function in the standard library supply it as an argument; i.e., help(help).

When you enter a function name without the parentheses, the default is to print all of the implementations with their argument types.

The main Julia documentation is available online at We also have a mailing list at!forum/julia-dev.

The webserver is pretty rough, especially on Windows. You should be able to open up http://localhost:2000/ with it running and access a web-based command environment. But you'll probably just want to stick to the normal command line.

Another contributor highlighted the response to help as a potential issue for new users and we've opened a bug on it at It's a new language and there's still plenty of rough edges, so thanks for helping us file those down!

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Thanks. So what do we have to do with the launch-julia-webserver.bat file ? –  Stéphane Laurent Oct 2 '12 at 10:54
See the response below from user1712368, whom I suspect is either Keno or Jameson from context. –  Patrick O'Leary Oct 2 '12 at 22:48
The response seems to be gone now, so I've put a small response of my own –  staticfloat Oct 3 '12 at 17:04

To use launch-julia-webserver.bat, after you double-click it and the two DOS windows open, one of them should say "Connect to http://localhost:2000/ for the web REPL". If you open a web browser to http://localhost:2000/, you should be greeted with a welcome page that asks for your name and a session name.

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Note that in newer versions of the source, this functionality is automated, so a browser window will pop up automatically. The binary builds don't include this yet, however, so you still need to open a web browser manually. –  staticfloat Oct 3 '12 at 17:51
Readers from the future, note the Web REPL will be going away sometime, to be replaced by a new frontend: –  Patrick O'Leary Oct 3 '12 at 18:02

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