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I have an Artwork model that is manipulated only by API endpoints right now. (You'll see why this is important shortly). Those API endpoints are declared like so in my routes.rb file:

namespace :api do
  namespace :v1, :defaults => { :format => :json } do
    resources :artworks, :only => [:create, :destroy, :index, :show, :update]

This results in the following routes:

api_v1_artworks GET        /api/v1/artworks(.:format)                                             api/v1/artworks#index {:format=>:json}
                POST       /api/v1/artworks(.:format)                                             api/v1/artworks#create {:format=>:json}
api_v1_artwork  GET        /api/v1/artworks/:id(.:format)                                         api/v1/artworks#show {:format=>:json}
                PUT        /api/v1/artworks/:id(.:format)                                         api/v1/artworks#update {:format=>:json}
                DELETE     /api/v1/artworks/:id(.:format)                                         api/v1/artworks#destroy {:format=>:json}

Relevant code:

class Api::V1::ArtworksController < Api::V1::ApiController
  def create
    artwork = Artwork.create(artwork_params)

    respond_with artwork

The Problem

When #create succeeds, respond_with chokes:

`undefined method `artwork_url' for #<Api::V1::ArtworksController:0x007fea1b4c67f8>`

It's expecting the helper for the HTTP Location to be artwork_url. How do I tell it to use api_v1_artwork_url instead? Can I alias the URL helper?

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In this case, you'd need to specify the namespace for the responder. Try:

respond_with :api, :v1, artwork
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just encounter this problem and I'm a bit confused on why we have to add the namespace.. can't find it on official documentation (or maybe I overlooked it) –  giosakti Mar 26 '13 at 5:33
You'll want to read about polymorphic routes: ryanbigg.com/2012/03/polymorphic-routes, api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActionDispatch/Routing/… –  rossta Mar 26 '13 at 13:18

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