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Given xml that looks like this:

    <Fruittree name="Apple" ID="2">
    	<Branch name="West" ID="1">
    		<Fruit name="Foo">
    		<Fruit name="Bar">
    <!-- more fruitrees etc... -->

Using xaml with a XmlDataProvider and a DataTemplate, I want to display a list, perhaps in a listbox:

Apple - West - Foo
Apple - West - Bar

So, an item in the list for each Fruit name in the 3rd level of xml.

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Use a binding to make current location be Root/Fruittree, and use this template.

<DataTemplate x:Key="flattenTemplate">
    		<MultiBinding StringFormat="{} {0} - {1} - {2}">
    			<Binding XPath="./Fruit/Branch/@Name" />
    			<Binding XPath="./Branch/@Name" />
    			<Binding XPath="./@Name" />  
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