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I'm struggling to swap values from 2 columns of a dataframe as follows:

rs649071 rs640249 0.265 0.49 
rs647621 rs640249 0.227 0.34 
rs644339 rs640249 0.116 0.08 
rs641563 rs640249 1.0 33.96 
rs640249 rs11073074 0.248 0.77 
rs640249 rs11637397 0.194 0.68 

The idea is to test if each cell of column 2 is rs640249 and if not, change to the corresponding string from column 1 and vice-versa. This way the final results would be something like:

rs649071 rs640249 0.265 0.49 
rs647621 rs640249 0.227 0.34 
rs644339 rs640249 0.116 0.08 
rs641563 rs640249 1.0 33.96 
rs11073074 rs640249 0.248 0.77 
rs11637397 rs640249 0.194 0.68 

I was trying to iterate over tuples, however, tuples does not support item assignment.

for inf in LDfiles:
    df = read_csv(inf, sep='\t', skiprows=1, names=['A', 'B', 'C'])
    for tup in df.itertuples():
        if tup[2] != rscode:
            tup[1], tup[2] = tup[2], tup[1]

Any help is appreciated.

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You can transform the tuple to list with list(tup) and do the switch. –  xbello Sep 28 '12 at 21:59

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One way to do this is to use apply:

def my_fun(row):
    if row['col1'] == 'rs640249':
        return row['col2'], row['col1']
        return row['col1'], row['col2']

df = df.apply(my_fun, axis=1)

If you want to change the values in only one column you can still use apply:

def my_fun2(row, colID):
    if row[colID][0] == 'rs640249':
        return row[colID][::-1] #reverse the tuple
        return row[colID]

df[colID] = df.apply(lambda x: my_fun2(x, colID), axis=1)

Note: since my_fun2 returns a single value, this time apply return a Series, so we need to slightly change the way we apply apply.


#                             0
# 0    ('rs649071', 'rs640249')
# 1  ('rs640249', 'rs11073074')

df[0] = df.apply(lambda x: my_fun2(x,0), axis=1)
#                             0
# 0    ('rs649071', 'rs640249')
# 1  ('rs11073074', 'rs640249')
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hi hayden, thanks for helping. That's exactly what I you like to do. However, it seems not work for me. I've used index instead because rows are tuples (if row[0]== 'rs...'): row[0], row[1] = row[1], row[0]). –  fred Oct 1 '12 at 15:18
also, tuples imutable! And that's why things don't go. Problem is still unsolved. Any help is appreciated. –  fred Oct 1 '12 at 16:55
Ah ha! They are tuples :) Updated, this should fix, also I was missing a return in my previous code! –  Andy Hayden Oct 1 '12 at 16:58
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For future refereces, here goes a possible solution:

    for row_index, row in df.iterrows():
        if row['L1'] == 'rs640249':
            df.set_value(row_index, 'L1' , row['L2'])
            df.set_value(row_index, 'L2' , row['L1'])


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@hayden: thanks for comments, perhaps it's not the best way to go, however, it's working pretty fine. Of course, iterrows will create unnecessary series, nevertheless, I couldn't be able to make things work following your suggestions: I've got null dataframes and a bunch of errors. I suspected about the pandas version (0.8.1) and/or python as well (3.2). Did do you test? –  fred Oct 2 '12 at 12:15
That's weird. Which pandas and python versions are you using? –  fred Oct 2 '12 at 12:23
@hayden: If you are interested, have a look in the errors –  fred Oct 2 '12 at 12:42

Why don't you try something like this, with array operations:

condition = df['L1'] == 'rs640249'
tmp = df['L1'].copy()
df['L1'][condition] = df['L2'][condition]
df['L2'][condition] = tmp[condition]
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