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I come to from php world and i am learning Ruby On Rails. i have been advised to use RoR's tests.I cannot understand the use of them. And i need to!

For example. i have a session cart. It expects to have 2 variables. a hash of items => qty and price. From what i read a test maybe should be that every item in cart should have quantity.

Ok, then i have a class cart which has a method called add_item and has two parameters. item and qty.

inside it, i select price from the item and add it to the session variable for cart updating the hash with the corresponding qty.

How could this possibly break a test i have written. I mean i put the quantity and handle it inside the method add_cart.

Please explain t me if possible.

kind regards

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I don't think your question is about RoR tests in particular, but about the merits of "Test Driven Development" in general. Look here: and here:… – paulsm4 Sep 28 '12 at 22:18
Well while I agree with paulsm. Ruby on Rails is stupidly powerful in terms of it's power of description. Get a decent Ror book, look up mixins, modules, missing method, and monkey patching. Ror encourages you to use these things, but for a newbie, especially one from a statically typed background, it's like giving a three year old a chainsaw to peel an apple. Messy. – Tony Hopkinson Sep 28 '12 at 22:38

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