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In Qt: I create a widget-ui class, and I want to make the widget appear in two different layouts in two separate base widget(or window). So I want to:

widget_based_class* inside = new widget_based_class(base_widget1);

QHBoxLayout *lay1=new QHBoxLayout(base_widget1);

QHBoxLayout *lay2=new QHBoxLayout(base_widget2);

How cound I achieve this? (My program is more complicated, and I didn't see the code work.) Tank you.

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A QWidget has only one parent widget and only one geometry (position and size) in that parent. Every call of QLayout::addWidget() will reparent that widget to the widget, the layout is installed on.

Your second call of setLayout won't work as expected, because you have to delete the the existing layout manager before setting the new one:

delete base_widget->layout();

If base_widget hasn't already got a layout manager, the layout manager lay2 would simply be reparented.

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Make one widget and use a pointer in each layout?

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