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I have a problem getting all row values "mobile numbers" from the database and pass though CURL to send messages to multiple recipients.

I have tried calling $row[contact_mobile] where all the data shows when i echo, but when passing though CURL the last number in the database goes though.

So I need assistance to figure out how to pass though all the mobile numbers in the database

Here is my code:

    $SQL = "SELECT contact_mobile FROM sms_contacts WHERE group_id = '$group'";
    $result = mysql_query($SQL);
    while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
    $groupsms = $row['contact_mobile'] . ",";

    $url = "http://bulksms.2way.co.za:5567/eapi/submission/send_sms/2/2.0"; // URL to calc.cgi
            $fields = array(

            //url-ify the data for the POST
            foreach($fields as $key=>$value) { $fields_string .= $key.'='.$value.'&'; }

            //open connection
            $ch = curl_init();

            //set the url, number of POST vars, POST data
            curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, false);

                            // Check if all data shows
            echo $url.$fields.$fields_string;

            //execute post

What i receive:

    http://bulksms.2way.co.za:5567/eapi/submission/send_sms/2/2.0Array?site=&username=xxxx&password=xxxx&message=the message&msisdn=44123456789%2C&

What it should be like

    http://bulksms.2way.co.za:5567/eapi/submission/send_sms/2/2.0Array?site=&username=xxxx&password=xxxx&message=the message&msisdn=44123456789,44213456789

Any suggestions on how to solve this?

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You could probably have troubleshooted your problem a little bit more before just dropping it here... You just need to replace

$groupsms = $row['contact_mobile'] . ",";


$groupsms .= $row['contact_mobile'] . ",";

Since right now you're assigning $groupsms to $row['contact_mobile'] . "," and thus returning the last value only.

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Thanks! stupid of me to miss that, now i can get some sleep :-) –  user1705839 Sep 29 '12 at 0:27

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