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I basically have this:


I want to override the accessibility text of the entire layout substructure; when the LinearLayout or either of its children are tuoched, I'd like to completely control what TalkBack says (so I can make it say "3 comments" instead of "Comment Icon 3").

I've tried various combinations of overriding sendAccessibilityEventUnchecked, dispatchPopulateAccessibilityEvent, requestSendAccessibilityEvent, etc. to no avail, and I can't find an example of this fairly simple setup anywhere.

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Use View.setContentDescription() on your layout to dynamically set the text and prevent TalkBack from reading the contents of child views.

. . .
myLayout.setContentDescription(imageDescription + " " + text);

Since you're setting the description dynamically, you can set the image's content description to @null in your layout XML to avoid Lint errors.

    . . .
    android:contentDescription="@null" />

Also consider watching the recent Android Developer Office Hours video on Making Android Apps Accessible, which covers these topics and many more.

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