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is there an easy way to convert my single instance app's notification(Systray) icon to a new Program icon (taskbar button) for Win7 with Delphi. (Source please) Is it reasonable to keep the existing systray behaviour for old XP/Vista or should these also start using new model somehow?

Its recommended by MS: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa511448.aspx

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Here you can find a alfa version of components to work with the new features of Windows 7.

  • Jump Lists - right click your application entry on the taskbar to see those
  • Overlay Icon - show the state of your application right in the taskbar (notification icons are hidden by Windows 7 by default, finally)
  • Progress indicator in the taskbar button
  • Taskbar Thumbnails - you application can be controlled directly from the taskbar preview window.

Download it and check if it is useful for you.

Here there are some images of the demo program (compiled EXE is included).
The source also is included.

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