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I need to extract search results from Bing. Is there any available Java code to achieve this ?

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This MSDN forum thread has alot of answers and examples.

Also, when you buy or subscribe to a dataset on Azure, they have a java example. Here's an example

Go to the odata4j site and download the latest release.

Add odata4j-clientbundle-x.x.jar to your Java build path.

You can use the following code to call the service.

ODataConsumer c = ODataConsumers
    .setClientBehaviors(OClientBehaviors.basicAuth("accountKey", "{your account key here}"))

OQueryRequest<OEntity> oRequest = c.getEntities("Web")
    .custom("Query", "stackoverflow bing api");

Enumerable<OEntity> entities = oRequest.execute();
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Quite hard to find a working example, and that is one perfectly working one! Thanks. –  YMomb Apr 18 '13 at 15:08

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