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All goes OK until mvn jetty:run which ends with [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.mortbay.jetty:maven-jetty-plugin:6.1.16:run (default-cli) on project newapp: Failure: Address already in use: bind

That is no surprise as I have Tomcat running on 8080 with my own site (that can not be changed). Did mvn indeed install jetty and tries running it? May I configure Jetty to a different port or maybe use Tomcat instead?

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You can configure Jetty to use another port by setting the system property jetty.port.

The jetty.port property can be set in the command line when running Maven:

mvn -Djetty.port=9090 jetty:run

Or it can be set in the project's pom.xml, as part of the maven-jetty-plugin configuration:


In both examples Jetty is configured to listen to port 9090.

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