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Execution of the following code:

Jsoup.connect(baseURL + dataJSSrc).execute();

throws an Exception:

org.jsoup.UnsupportedMimeTypeException: Unhandled content type. Must be text/*, application/xml, or application/xhtml+xml. Mimetype=application/x-javascript, URL=http://www.abc.com/playdata/206/8910.js?44613.77

but when I use

URLConnection conn = new URL(baseURL + dataJSSrc).openConnection();

it is OK!

in the following code

System.out.println(conn.getContentType()); // out put 'application/x-javascript'

Can Jsoup only be used to download HTML or XML?

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Whilst I don't disagree with BalusC's answer, you can use Jsoup to download anything you like. By default, Jsoup will throw an exception if it retrieves content with a mime type that it will not be able to parse as HTML, to avoid parsing e.g. images. However you can disable that test with connection.ignoreContentType(true) if you just want to get at the bytes or as a string:

String script = Jsoup.connect(jsUrl).ignoreContentType(true).execute().body();


byte[] bytes = Jsoup.connect(imageUrl).ignoreContentType(true).execute().bodyAsBytes();

You will get more control with a full-fledged HTTP client, but this method can be useful in a pinch.

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Jsoup is designed as a HTML/XML parser, not as a pure HTTP client. If you need to download some non-HTML/XML files, then rather use a normal HTTP client, not a HTML/XML parser.

Something with using the right tool for the job.

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