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In my django form I have a datetime input field which corresponds to a django.db.models.DateTimeField in models.py

my_date = django.db.models.DateTimeField

Currently , the form shows an input field where I need to enter a value like

2012-09-30 08:50:46

I need to provide a javasrcipt popup to let user pick a datetime value..Which jquery component can I use for this?

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If you want to add a date and a time picker than i will suggest you to use

Jquery datepicker.And if you want to add time also than use Add time to juqery-datepicker

see also timepickr plugin

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This might work for you: http://trentrichardson.com/examples/timepicker/

In webforms its not uncommon to split such inputs into two inputs, one for date and one for time. So keep in mind if you do a split like that there will be more options available.

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