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I have the following piece of code that I cannot change

typedef struct 
    char* firstName;
    char* lastName;
    int id;
    float mark;
}* pStudentRecord;

Now I am allocating memory in the following way:

g_ppRecords = (pStudentRecord*) malloc (sizeof(pStudentRecord*) *(g_numRecords));       /*allocate required memory for the array of pointers to instances of pStudentRecord*/

/*populate the data structure with records from the text file*/
while (count<g_numRecords)
    fscanf(g_pf,"%s %s %i %f\n",&fn,&ln,&i,&m);

    /*allocate memory for each student record. the pointer to each of these will be stored in the array g_ppRecords*/

    /*allocate memory for the firstName and lastName on the heap for each record. use only as much space as is required*/

    /*assign values stored in local variables to the ones on heap for each record*/

    ++count; /*onto next record*/

However I am having trouble freeing it . This is what I am doing:

while (count<g_numRecords)
        /*copy variables in the struct instance into local variables*/



    #ifdef DEBUG
        printf("\n%s %s %d %.2f",fn,ln,id,mark);

    /*detect any errors while writing to file*/
    if(fprintf(g_pf,"%s %s %d %.2f\n",fn,ln,id,mark) ==-1)
        #ifdef DEBUG

    #ifdef DEBUG
        printf("return val=%d",now);

    free(g_ppRecords);  /*free memory after writing to file is complete*/
    g_ppRecords=NULL;   /*make pointer point to NULL*/
    fclose(g_pf);       /*close file stream*/

I know it might be related to allocating memory as:


but I am unable to allocate it as


Plz help !

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Are you sure pStudentRecord should have that last * in it? – Bill Lynch Sep 29 '12 at 3:50
u mean in here ? g_ppRecords=(pStudentRecord*) malloc (sizeof(pStudentRecord*) *(g_numRecords)); – Moez Hirani Sep 29 '12 at 3:52
No, in your struct typedef. – Bill Lynch Sep 29 '12 at 3:53
yes that is provided by the prof and it has to be there ! i cannot use malloc (sizeof (pStudentRecord) ) coz of that... – Moez Hirani Sep 29 '12 at 3:56
"but I am unable to allocate it as .." whats the the actual problem ? any error message? – Chris Sep 29 '12 at 4:02

Your code should look like:

typedef struct 
    char* firstName;
    char* lastName;
    int id;
    float mark;
} StudentRecord;

/* Allocate memory for each student record. */
g_ppRecords[count] = (StudentRecord*)malloc(sizeof(StudentRecord));

/* Allocate memory for the firstName and lastName on the heap. */
g_ppRecords[count]->firstName = (char*)malloc(strlen(fn)+1);
g_ppRecords[count]->lastName = (char*)malloc(strlen(ln)+1);

You are not allocating space for the training zeroes in the strings and this corrupts the memory. It is better to use sizeof(struct) when you allocate space for the record itself. This struct may have some paddings between the fields or after the whole record that are potentially not included into your calculation of the size.

If you cannot change your header, you should write:

pStudentRecord DummyPtrVar;
g_ppRecords = (pStudentRecord*)malloc(sizeof(*DummyPtrVar)*g_numRecords);   

Writing pStudentRecord* under sizeof is incorrect. This will create double-pointer instead of accessing the record itself. C/C++ does not allow simple access to the pointed type. But if you define a variable, you can make a pseudo-dereference. This is not neat but I am sure will work with 99% of compilers.

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Hey Kirill, i tried those things .. but my application still cannot free memory for first and last Name for instances of pStudentRecord. I am not allowed to change the declaration of the struct. Its a code I must use as is. – Moez Hirani Sep 29 '12 at 20:14
I updated my answer. – Kirill Kobelev Sep 30 '12 at 9:15

I think main problem of your code is the allocate of g_ppRecords,

"g_ppRecords = (pStudentRecord*) malloc (sizeof(pStudentRecord*) *(g_numRecords));"

should change to

"g_ppRecords = (pStudentRecord*) malloc (sizeof(pStudentRecord) *(g_numRecords));"

of course, as @Kirill says,char array should leave a more byte to contain '\n'.

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But i need the array to be an array of pointers to pStudentRecord and not the structs themselves .. u still say i should change it ? – Moez Hirani Sep 29 '12 at 20:12

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