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I have searched the internet about the comma issues about csv document.But my trouble is about dealing with the value containing not only comma but also quote. like String value = "FName,\"FName2,FName3"; I want to display the string FName,"FName2,FName3 in the csv document.Though i tried a couple of approaches,but failed. When the string contains comma,I can use double quote to surround it like code below.


But when the string contains "" and , How can i deal with this issue?

I can only use the pulest java,and can not use the third part library. Thanks.

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Did you try single quotes –  user1406062 Sep 29 '12 at 5:57
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/… -- for entries that contain a comma, surround with quotes. Escape quotes with two double-quote characters. –  Matt Sep 29 '12 at 5:59
have tried quotes,but not work –  liam xu Sep 29 '12 at 6:14
Show what you actually tried. Or to figure it out for yourself put some data in a spreadsheet (excel, openoffice calc) and export to csv. Then open the csv with a text file and you can see what works. –  Eelke Sep 29 '12 at 6:36
Is this homework? Because a pro would use a library to do this (I do), why waste time on such mundane tasks, and risk not handling corner cases, when someone has already solved the problem for you. –  Tony BenBrahim Sep 29 '12 at 6:47

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Consider using os specialized CSV parser, like one from Apache Commons

It will handle most of corner cases for you

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StringBuffer sbStudentData = new StringBuffer();    


it will work fine like Last name,First name.

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try enclosing your double quote with two double qoutes: String value = "FName,\"\"\"FName2,FName3";

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I tried like this,cellData.replace("\"", "\"\""),but it not works. –  liam xu Sep 29 '12 at 7:00
actually it was my bad, I edited my answer please check. –  mostafa.S Sep 30 '12 at 10:36

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