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I am trying to convert the following code into parallel using foreach and %dopar%.

cl<- makeCluster(4, type = "SOCK")

min_subid <- c()
max_subid <- c()
p_typ <- c()
p_nm <- c()
end_tm <- c()
supp <- c()
chart_type <- c()

foreach(j =1:noOfPhases)    %dopar%
  start_time    <-phases[j, colnames(phases)=="StartTime"]
  end_time      <-phases[j, colnames(phases)=="StopTime"]
  phase_type    <-phases[j, colnames(phases)=="Phase_Type_Id"]
  phase_name    <-phases[j, colnames(phases)=="Phase_Name"]
  suppress      <-phases[j, colnames(phases)=="Suppression_Time"]
  chart_typ     <-phases[j, colnames(phases)=="chartType"]

  conft<-(masterData$Time.Subgroup>=start_time & masterData$Time.Subgroup<=end_time)

  masterData[which(conft), colnames(masterData)=="Phase_Type"]<-phase_type
  masterData[which(conft), colnames(masterData)=="Phase_Name"]<-phase_name

  min_subid <- rbind(min_subid, min(which(conft)))
  max_subid <- rbind(max_subid, max(which(conft)))
  p_typ     <- rbind( p_typ, masterData$Phase_Type[min(which(conft))])
  p_nm      <- rbind( p_nm, masterData$Phase_Name[min(which(conft))])
  st_tm     <- rbind( st_tm, as.character(start_time))
  end_tm    <- rbind( end_tm, as.character(end_time))
  supp      <- rbind(supp,as.character(suppress))
  chart_type <- rbind(chart_type,as.character(chart_typ))

  phase_info <- data.frame(Subgrp_No_Start=min_subid, Subgrp_No_End=max_subid, Phase_Type=p_typ, 
                           Phase_Name=p_nm, Start_Time=st_tm, Stop_Time=end_tm,

 phase_output<-merge(phase_info, phases, by.x=c("Start_Time",
   "Stop_Time","ChartType"), by.y=c("StartTime", "StopTime","chartType"))

The above code executes successfully when %do% is included instead of %dopar%. can anyone help me in understanding why I get the following error when it runs parallel (%dopar%) and runs successfully on sequential (%do%)

Error in merge(phase_info, phases, by.x = c("Start_Time", "Stop_Time",  : 
  object 'phase_info' not found
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Show us the error that you get for %dopar%. I'm guessing that the current error just tells us that your foreach didn't produce the correct result (or none at all). –  Roman Luštrik Sep 29 '12 at 6:49

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The solution is really simple, but I start off with an explanation of what is happening when you execute the code to explain the error.

What happens in your foreach block is that the one data frame (phase_info) is created for each value of j and they are returned together in a list. However, since your assignment phase_info <- data.frame(...) is located inside the foreach rather than outside, the list is not stored in anywhere and gets discarded. The cause for confusion is that when using %do% you create all the data frames sequentially on the master node and when using %dopar% the frames are being created in parallel on the worker nodes. The following merge command is executed on the master node causing an error if you used %dopar% since phase_info does not exist in its workspace. Also note that when using %do% like above, each iterations of foreach overwrites the result of the previous ones (i.e. you get only the result of the last iteration).

This minor change fixes it:

phase_info <- foreach(...) %dopar% {

    data.frame(Subgrp_No_Start=min_subid, Subgrp_No_End=max_subid, Phase_Type=p_typ, 
                           Phase_Name=p_nm, Start_Time=st_tm, Stop_Time=end_tm,
    # No need to give it a name as it will be returned and the name forgotten
phase_output <- merge(phase_info, ...)

As I mentioned above, phase_info will now be a list where each element is a data frame. I am just guessing now but you probably want to execute the merge elementwise then, like this:

phase_output <- lapply(phase_info, merge, phases, by.x=c("Start_Time",
     "Stop_Time","ChartType"), by.y=c("StartTime", "StopTime","chartType"))
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This change works.. Thank you very much. That was a clear explanation.. –  Amar Sep 29 '12 at 16:36

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