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If I have a class like this:

public class Car {
 public string Model { get; set; }
 public List<string> Types { get; set; }

and do:

Car _car = new Car();
_car.Model = "1992";
List<string> _types = new List<string>() { "New", "Old" };
_car.Types = _types

and save these kinds of objects in MongoDB, how do I get all cars that have type == "New" in C# MongoDB? I need to query Car.Type == "New" I'm going to visit the class and look in its "Types" array and find the matching object in the array and return the whole class.

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The MongoDB query language can access arrays transparently. So you can just do:{Types:"New"})

and it will return all documents which have an entry in the Types array which is equal to the string "New". Check the documentation for more information.

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