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I am trying to build a Mac application that uses ObjectiveFlickr, and thus has it as a nested framework. I followed the setup guide on ObjectiveFlickr's page. Everything works fine until I have to validate my archived application.

Validating gives me the 'not single-bundle application' error. The solution to that seems to be to set 'skip install' to YES and to move the project header files from public to projected, for the nested framework. But if I do so, the framework can not find it's internal header files and my main application can find ObjectiveFlickr.h. (Related question: Shouldn't I keep ObjectiveFlickr.h as a public header file, since my main application needs to be able to find that one?)

I guess the solution lies in setting up some correct search paths for both projects. I have tried following the suggestion mentioned in Xcode 4 and nested projects — header files not found, but nothing has worked.

I am using Xcode 4.5.

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I found out that the header files for the library version of ObjectiveFlickr were already set to project and not public, so I chose to use the library instead of the framework version, following this guide: Adding ObjectiveFlickr to Your iPhone App Project. It worked find even though I am developing a Mac app and not an iOS app.

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