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This might be caused by my lack of understanding of SASS/Compass.

I'm trying to output grid width with the following SASS code:

$total-columns        : 4
$column-width         : 4em                 // each column is 4em wide
$gutter-width         : $column-width / 2   // 1em gutters between columns
$grid-padding         : $gutter-width / 2   // grid-padding equal to gutters


        content: columns-width()

Nothing is printed into block 3. :(

I also tried content: columns-width($total-columns), still nothing. If i do content: "foo", "foo" does get printed.

What am i doing wrong? How do i see susy-calculated grid width? Also, can it be printed in compass watch output?

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Ok, the solution is using interpolation:

content: "#{columns-width($total-columns)}"
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