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i am building a WCF Service and i need clients to be able to acquire multiple results in the same time. For example 5 callings of void UploadPhoto(byte[] photo); and 1 string GetInfo()

If I understand it correctly, than whenever I do a request for a service, I need to get a response for the first one before the second gets proceeded. Is that correct?


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That is not quite correct.

If you call a WCF (or other web service) syncronosly then you have to wait for the response before doing anything else.

However, you can call a wcf service asyncronosly, in which case you do not have to wait for the result. You create a handler that handles the result when it comes back, but the main program continues.

Have a look at Ladislav's answer to this question: Difference between WCF sync and async call?

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You can make multiple calls if you increase the System.Net.ServicePointManager.DefaultConnectionLimit the default is 2.

You need to set the WCF Service as Per-Call Service to process concurrent requests.

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