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I'm trying to read in a file as an array of lines and then iterate over it zsh, and the code I've got works most of the time, except if the input file contains certain characters (such as brackets). Here's a snippet of it:

LIST=$(cat /path/to/some/file.txt)
while [[ $POS -le $SIZE ]] ; do
    # Do stuff

What would be an easier way of doing this? I also need to count the number of lines in the file.

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zmodload zsh/mapfile
FLINES=( "${(f)mapfile[$FNAME]}" )
LIST="${mapfile[$FNAME]}" # Not required unless stuff uses it
integer POS=1             # Not required unless stuff uses it
integer SIZE=$#FLINES     # Number of lines, not required unless stuff uses it
    # Do stuff
    (( POS++ ))

You have some strange things in your code:

  1. Why are you splitting LIST each time instead of making it an array variable? It is just a waste of CPU time.
  2. Why don’t you use for ITEM in ${(f)LIST}?
  3. There is a possibility to directly ask zsh about array length: $#ARRAY. No need in determining the index of the last occurrence of the last element.
  4. POS gets the same value as SIZE in your code. Hence it will iterate only once.
  5. Brackets are problems likely because of 3.: (I) is matching against a pattern. Do read documentation.
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I'd originally written it that way because I was parsing the output of elinks -dump, and I wanted the resulting string split by newlines. If the script got cancelled (I have a very unreliable net connection) then I could read in the list that elinks fetched and resume where I left off. – zoqaeski Sep 30 '12 at 5:39

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