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I have a string field with values like PA2456U or PA23U-RB and I would like to do a partial match, so that I can search for PA24 and I would get the first result, or search PA23U-RB and find the second result (so that would be a full match.

I tried using ngram, but it ignores the numeric values, so, if I enter pa111 it returns anything that starts with pa

See this gist for an example.

This may be a separate question, or related, but searching for 12345001 should also match 12345-001


Update The final analyzer I used is here: https://gist.github.com/3803180

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Making ngrams looks like a good choice based on your requirements, but I think edge_ngrams should be enough. This way your index would grow a little bit slower since you'd be indexing less terms. Anyway the problem is that you don't need to apply the same analyzer to the query too, otherwise querying for pa111 would mean querying for all the ngrams that you can make out of it, which would lead you to a lot more matches that you'd expect.

You just need to change your search_analyzer to an analyzer which doesn't make ngrams. You can use the same you already have and remove the ngram token filter (only for the search_analyzer, the index_analyzer is fine).

Regarding the dash question, have a look at the Word delimiter token filter. You need to configure it to make it work as you expect. I guess the generate_number_parts=false, generate_word_parts=false and split_on_numerics=false options should make it work as you want. That way the dash won't be indexed. You need to apply the token filter at both index time and query time.

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Thanks you! I got the search of PA2 to match PA2456U, but I cannot get the right syntax for the word_Delimiter, I updated my gist, could you show me how I could add the word_delimiter filter? I keep getting "[failed to find tokenizer type [word_delimiter]" –  fmpwizard Sep 29 '12 at 15:42
I don't see the word_delimiter in your list, but you should do pretty much the same you're doing with ngrams. –  javanna Sep 29 '12 at 17:07
I updated the gist, I added the word_delimiter filter, but when I run the script, I get: "error":"IndexCreationException[[inventory] failed to create index]; nested: IllegalArgumentException[Custom Analyzer [part_number_analyzer] failed to find filter under name [part_number_edgeNGram]]; ","status":500} –  fmpwizard Sep 29 '12 at 18:52
ah, I was adding twice the filter tag, but I did not need that, now I don;t get a syntax error, but need to tweak the word delimiter filter. thanks –  fmpwizard Sep 29 '12 at 18:55

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