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I am trying to convert one of my PS scripts to query AD with Quest AD instead of native tools to speed up processing.

During my testing, I have come to the conclusion that the msExchMailboxGuid property is returned in a format that I need to convert.

This is the command I am running for testing:

$LDAPQuery = "(&(HomeMDB=*)(objectClass=user))"
$OUPath = "OU=users,DC=domain,DC=com"

$SearchResults = Get-QadUser -LdapFilter $LDAPQuery -SearchRoot $OUPath -ShowProgress -SizeLimit 1 -IncludedProperties "msExchMailboxGuid"

The msExchMailboxGuid value is being returned as this:

[PS] C:\Users\sysadmin>$SearchResults | Select msExchMailboxGuid


If I run this, it returns:

[PS] C:\Users\sysadmin>[guid]"35CAF894943052409B77F30A6F8D40B4"


But I know that the msExchMailboxGuid for this user is actually this:


According to Exchange PS. So it's close but not quite right.

I wrote a function that converts the value to the right one using substring procedures.

Is there a better/more efficient way of returning the right value?

Function Convert-msExchMailboxGuid

    $ConvertedGuid = $RawGuid.SubString(6,2) + $RawGuid.SubString(4,2) + $RawGuid.SubString(2,2) + $RawGuid.SubString(0,2) + $RawGuid.SubString(10,2) + $RawGuid.SubString(8,2) + $RawGuid.SubString(14,2) + $RawGuid.SubString(12,2) + $RawGuid.SubString(16)

    return ([guid]$ConvertedGuid).ToString()

This works OK but I hope this can be achieved in an easier way:

[PS] C:\Users\sysadmin>Convert-msExchMailboxGuid -RawGuid "35CAF894943052409B77F30A6F8D40B4"
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I tried a few steps beyond this, and even with certain parameters behind the Get-QADUser commands, the rest was notably slower than my existing script. So I will leave this here in case someone wants to use my function for converting the GUID, but i'm not interested in the answer anymore.

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