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Here i post my doubt about files with asterisk, First i create one file

touch test* 

If i check ls -lrt it shows the test* file in the current. Then i removed that file using rm *. Then i create two files which are test1* test2* using same touch command. If i check ls -lrt. It displays the two files that are test1* and test2*. Again i create test* using touch command , now i check ls -lrt. This time it will not display the file test*. Why the test* file is not listed ?

Thanks & regards

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As * is used by your shell as universal character, when you write

touch test*

your shell will tranform it into

touch test1* test2*

If you want to create 'test*', use simple quote, which inhibit the globing function.

touch 'test*'
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Normally touch command is used to create a empty file. if file is already there it will change only the access time.

first time you are using the touch test* that there is no test file so it will creates file names as test*

second time you are using touch test* that, time the current directory having test1* and test2* files, so it will expand into test1* and test2* .

In that case it will change only the access time of the both file.

if you want to create one more time test* file means you can use double quotes.

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