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In linux system,I know that we can execute system commands via Mysql command like by using ! . I would like to know if we can do something like that via LDAP.

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I think the question is not fully correct. When you run shell commands from mysql client, you just run shell commands. These commands are not related to mysql. That is just a convinient way to run something from the mysql client without leaving it.

There are nos such clients for LDAP. All commands that you can use to access a LDAP-server are non-interactive: ldapsearch, ldapadd, ldapmodify and so on. So you are not able "escape" them.

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thank you for clarifying it –  Sum Oct 1 '12 at 7:40

Most LDAP server implementations provide command line utilities.

Some common command-line utilities are:

ldapcompare — perform LDAP compare operations ldapdelete perform LDAP delete operations ldapmodify — perform LDAP modify, add, delete, mod DN operations ldappasswordmodify — perform LDAP password modifications ldapsearch — perform LDAP search operations

Thought they could vary by LDAP server implementation.

A reference to a specific LDAP server implementation is found at: http://opendj.forgerock.org/doc/admin-guide/index/admin-tools-ref.html


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