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I want to allocate a struct for emscripten and pass it to a function using a ccall. The c struct looks like this:

typedef  float HPDF_REAL;
typedef  struct  _HPDF_Point {
} HPDF_Point;

So I allocate two floats in Javascript and pass it as an argument

struct_ptr = Module['allocate']([123,321], 'float', ALLOC_NORMAL)
res = Module['ccall']('HPDF_Page_GetCurrentTextPos', 'number', ['number', 'number'], [page_ptr, struct_ptr])

But when I get the resulting struct data

point = {
  x: getValue(struct_ptr, 'float')
  y: getValue(struct_ptr+FLOAT_SIZE, 'float')

my allocated memory was not touched and still point.x==123 and point.y==321.

Am I missing something here?

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I'm just using the values 123 and 321 as dummy initializations to check whether the memory was 'touched'. Using zeros also doesn't work. –  manuels Sep 29 '12 at 10:44

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First of all, allocate() is an internal function - as the docs say (see comment right above the function definition), it is tricky to use and not recommended. Instead, better to just use _malloc to allocate some space, and use setValue to write to it.

Second, make sure your C function takes the structure as a pointer and not a reference (which C++ can do). Paste the function here (original C and compiled JS) so we can help you, or add debug statements inside it to see what is happening.

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