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let's say I want to display a customizable (2D, cartoon-like) character, where some properties e.g. eye color, hair style, clothing etc can be chosen from a predefined set of options. Now I want to animate the character. What's the best way to deal with the customization?

1) For example, I could make a sprite sheet for each combination of properties. That's not very memory efficient and not very flexible, but probably gives the best performance.

2) I could compose the character from various layers, where each property only affects one layer. Thus, I could make a sprite-sheet for the body, a collection of sprite-sheets for the eyes (one for each eye color) etc.

2a) In that case, I could merge the selected sprite-sheets in order to generate a single sprite-sheet containing the animation of the customized character.

2b) Alternatively, I could keep the sprite-sheets separate and try to animate them simultaneously as layers. I fear, that this might become a problem performance-wise.

3) I could try to modify the layers programmatically, e.g. use a sprite-sheet for the eyes as a mask and map some texture on it before merging it down to a single sprite-sheet. I would think this is a very flexible approach when it comes to simple properties like eye colors, but might become difficult for things like hair-style. I am aware that this depends much on the character and probably a general answer is difficult.

I assume that my problem is not new, so there is probably a standard approach to it.

Concerning the platform, I'm particularly interested in iOS and try to avoid OpenGL (well, I'm open-minded). Maybe there is a nice framework that can help me here?


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Make one sprite sheet full of "parts" of your character. (chest, arm, legs, head, etc). Make them all white with a black border. Dynamically color them in your code by setting their color. – allthewayapps Sep 30 '12 at 1:18

Depending on what your working on, you might want to animate part/all of the animations outside in another tool, such as flash. It is much easier to work with a visual environment.

Then there are tools that take swf files, and create sprite sheets that you would then animate in cocos2d.

That is a common game creation workflow.

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You problably want to take a look on how to create sprites at cocos2d.

Cocos2d comes with a set of tools that help you to animate single parts and offers abstractions to compose parts (like CCBatchNode or CCNode). Also, it comes with tools that helps you to pack sprites into sprite sheets (e.g Texture Packer) and develop levels (e.g Level Helper).

Cocos2d is an open source framework and it is widely used. You also have cocos3d but I never used it :).

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