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I've got two versions of a project with a JUnit test. Looking at the diff of the files there's no obvious reason to this, but the test passes on one project but not on the other.

For a while now I've wondered if there was a program that would record a trace through the whole program when it runs and save it to a file. This would be really handy for this exact example where I want a trace through both tests and then I want to diff them together.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a program that might be able to do this, or a way that I could diff the two program's flows?


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I'd use Aspects for this. Check out AspectJ for instance, it is very easy to design a rule (point cut) that says "For all methods invoked in my Java code, log method name".

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If I understand your question correctly looks like this might partially achieve what you are after.


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The Eclipse TPTP project has a trace engine that you might find useful.

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