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I am having strange problem. There is one webpage (http://m.bonbon.hr/profile). When i log in from a web browser to that webpage i get screen like this (picture 1):

Picture 1

After few second this part where it says loading becomes this (picture 2):

Picture 2

Everything loads, and works perfect. Now my problem lies in my android app. I have HttpClient that sends data to that webpage, and gets a response (html code). Then i loaded that response to the webview in my app, but al I get is this( picture 3):

Picture 3

webview stuck at this loading, and it never changes. So i wonder how to make this happen, so that webview shows me webpage with all data like browser on Picture 2 ??

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It looks like the webpage itself is using jquery or some other library that is being loading when opening it in a browser or webview.

If you only load the response which is pure html, you are most likely not loading additional CSS and maybe other libraries/frameworks like jquery.

Have a look at that webpages source coude and check the header what is getting included. You might have to add that to your html response then somehow.

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