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There is a commandButton on my jsf page, and when user clicks on it, I am showing an ice:panelConfirmation to confirm before sending data to actionListern of that commandButton.

Now, I want to disable this button when user selects cancel on my ice:panelConfirmation.

I think I have to do something to call a JavaScript function when user selects cancel. How can I do that?

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Can you show us what your ice:panelConfirmation taglib refers. – Pith Sep 29 '12 at 11:36
This is it : <ice:panelConfirmation message="Are you sure you want to update?" acceptLabel="Yes" cancelLabel="No" autoCentre="true" rendered="true"/> – Patriks Sep 29 '12 at 11:40

Here is a sample of how this taglib works : ICEfaces Showcase. But the generated code is not really nice.

<input class="iceCmdBtn" id="j_idt3344:j_idt3347" name="j_idt3344:j_idt3347" onblur="setFocus('');" onclick="new Ice.PanelConfirmation(this,event,'j_idt3344:genConfirm',true,false,false,'/xmlhttp/blank',function(event){iceSubmit(form,this,event);return false;});return false;" onfocus="setFocus(;" type="submit" value="Generate a Random Number">

It seems to be hard to handle event on these generated components, because of generated ids. I will recommend you to use Jquery-ui. It is very easy to use and very powerfull.

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It seems bit tricky, or some times it depends on other requirements/necessity. at last I found ace:confirmationDialog where I could use action listeners on both 'accept' and 'reject' button. :)

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