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I need to check my pc monitor is turned on or off in win7 os

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MSDN power management documentation explains that you can get notifications when the monitor is turned on or off. Basically, you register for the power broadcast messages, and then you'll get a WM_POWERBROADCAST message whenever there's a change. There are several different GUIDs for monitoring the display state, depending on which version of Windows you use.

At the beginning of your program (after creating your main windows), you do something like:

  RegisterPowerSettingNotification(hwndMain, GUID_SESSION_DISPLAY_STATUS, 0);

(There are other choices for the GUID depending on which version of Windows you're targeting.)

Then in your main window procedure:

    const POWERBROADCAST_SETTING *pSetting =
      reinterpret_cast<const POWERBROADCAST_SETTING*>(lParam);
    if (pSetting->PowerSetting == GUID_SESSION_DISPLAY_STATUS) {
      assert(pSetting->DataLength >= sizeof(DWORD));
      DWORD data = *reinterpret_cast<const DWORD*>(&pSetting->Data);
      switch (data) {
        case 0: /* monitor is off */ break;
        case 1: /* monitor is on */ break;
        case 2: /* monitor is dimmed */ break;
        default:  /* ???? */ break;

If at any point you no longer care about the power notifications, you can unregister:

hPower = NULL;
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