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ok so i want to save images in sdl.
i only know how to save stuff in .txt files.
theoreticlly i could take all the bits of the surface and save them in the .txt file and later load all those bits into a surface manually.
but i don't want to do that because a surface in sdl has to go threw some certain processes witch i don't really know what they do.
like every surface has to go through the SDL_DisplayFormat(SDL_Surface *) function.
and if i load functions threw .txt i won't be able to do that.
and there is probablly a simple function to do this so i want to take the easy way.
so where can i get a function that saves a surface to a png file(preferred SDL function)

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Use that one to save the Screen as Bitmap.

SDL_SaveBMP(main_global_stuff.sdl.surface, screenshot_filename);

I just looked quickly; with SDL_Image you're able to load png-files. Take a look here for more solutions and librarys. SDL_Image

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