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I am using the following code to make shortcuts in Delphi. I want to make a shortcut with "Run this program as an administrator" box checked in Privilege Level properties of shortcut. Is there any way to do this?

function MakeShortcut(Dst, Src: String; Desc: String = ''; Arg: String = ''; WorkDir: String = ''; Icon: String = ''; IconI: Integer = 0; Show: Integer = SW_SHOWNORMAL; HotKey: Word = 0): Boolean;
  u: IUnknown;
  s: IShellLink;
  f: IPersistFile;
  p: WideString;
  u := CreateComObject(CLSID_SHELLLINK);
  s := u as IShellLink;
  f := u as IPersistFile;
  if (WorkDir = '') then WorkDir := ExtractFileDir(Src);
  if (Icon = '') then Icon := Src;
  s.SetIconLocation(PChar(Icon), IconI);
  p := Dst;
  Result := Succeeded(f.Save(PWChar(p), False));
  Result := False;
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Note that the "run as admin" flag is NOT a property of the shortcut, it's a compatability flag on the exe itself (or rather its current path). The application shoudl really flag this in its manifest. – Deanna Oct 1 '12 at 8:55
@Deanna No, I don't want the application always runs as admin, I want to run it as admin when a special command line argument passes to it. Like: "myapp.exe /install" – Vahid Oct 1 '12 at 11:34
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You need to use IShellLinkDataList::SetFlags() passing SLDF_RUNAS_USER.

I don't have any code samples at hand. But the basic approach will be like this:

sldl := s as IShellLinkDataList;
flags := sldl.GetFlags();
sldl.SetFlags(flags or SLDF_RUNAS_USER);
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